4 Popular European MBA Programs for Americans

Getting an MBA from a foreign country can be cheaper for American students and also attractive to hiring managers.


3/10/20242 min read

satellite photo of islands
satellite photo of islands

In recent years, more American students are thinking about getting their MBA degrees outside the US. Studying for an MBA in Europe can be cheaper for US students and catch the attention of employers. This article will look at four popular European MBA programs that American students find appealing.

1. INSEAD - Fontainebleau, France

INSEAD is one of the best business schools globally, offering a top-notch MBA program. Situated in Fontainebleau, France, INSEAD provides a truly international setting with campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The program is known for its diverse student body, tough curriculum, and strong alumni connections.

INSEAD's MBA program is famous for focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. It offers various electives and concentrations, allowing students to tailor their MBA experience. INSEAD's unique 10-month program structure suits those who want to earn their degree swiftly and return to work.

2. London Business School - London, United Kingdom

Another top European business school is London Business School (LBS), which draws many American students. Located in central London, LBS offers a dynamic and diverse learning atmosphere. The MBA program is respected for its rigorous academics, robust alumni network, and close industry ties.

LBS provides a flexible MBA program with a wide range of electives and concentrations. It emphasizes hands-on learning, giving students opportunities for real-world consulting projects and internships. The school's London location offers access to a bustling business hub and ample networking chances.

3. IESE Business School - Barcelona, Spain

IESE Business School is a leading European institution situated in Barcelona, Spain. It's known for its strong emphasis on ethics and values-based leadership. IESE offers a challenging curriculum that blends classroom instruction with practical projects.

IESE's MBA program values teamwork and collaboration. It promotes diversity and fosters a supportive learning environment. IESE also offers a global immersion program, enabling students to gain international business exposure through study trips and consulting projects worldwide.

4. Rotterdam School of Management - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) is one of Europe's top business schools, part of Erasmus University Rotterdam. RSM's MBA program focuses on sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship, attracting students interested in these fields.

RSM boasts a diverse, international student body representing over 80 nationalities. Its curriculum combines academic theory with real-world business challenges, offering students a practical learning experience. RSM also offers a robust alumni network and numerous networking opportunities.


Studying for an MBA in Europe can be a rewarding and cost-effective option for American students. The four European MBA programs mentioned - INSEAD, London Business School, IESE Business School, and Rotterdam School of Management - offer excellent academic programs, diverse student bodies, and strong alumni networks. These programs provide American students with international exposure, enhanced business skills, and expanded professional networks. Consider exploring these European MBA programs for a unique and valuable educational experience.