Australia Award Scholarship 2024 from Pakistan

Australia Awards Scholarships are offered to complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training with full tuition fees


3/3/20241 min read

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Australia Awards Scholarships are like long-term gifts from Australia to help people in other countries.

They are for people from developing countries to study in Australia.

You can study at universities or technical schools.

These scholarships help you learn skills to help your country.


- They pay for your school fees.

- They give you money for flights to and from Australia.

- You get some money to help with living costs.

- You can join a program to help you settle in Australia.

- You get health insurance.

- They might give you extra help if you need it.


- You have to sign a paper saying you'll follow the rules.

- After you finish your studies, you need to go back home for at least two years.

- If you don't go back, you have to pay back the money.

How to Apply:

- Check if you can apply from your country from the link below.

- Read about what you can study and how to apply.

- You might apply online or by mail.

What You Can Study:

- You can study subjects that help your country develop.

- But you can't study things like flying planes or military training.


- You can't have other Australian scholarships at the same time.

- You can't apply if you want to move to Australia permanently.

- Prepare your application carefully and send it on time.