From College Dreamer to NFL MVP: Patrick Mahomes' Emotional Road to Stardom

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8/6/20233 min read

football player in red jersey shirt and white pants
football player in red jersey shirt and white pants

Once upon a time, in the heart of Tyler, Texas, a young boy named Patrick Mahomes dared to dream of becoming a football superstar. Little did he know that this dream would lead him to a momentous game that would etch his name in the annals of football history.

As Patrick's college journey at Texas Tech University unfolded, he displayed a level of talent that left everyone in awe. But it was on one fateful day, October 22, 2016, when he achieved something truly remarkable. Facing the formidable Oklahoma team, Patrick delivered a performance that would go down in football legend.

In that game, he defied all expectations, amassing an astonishing 734 passing yards - a record-breaking feat that no one had ever witnessed before. But that was not all; in a breathtaking display of skill, he and Baker Mayfield engaged in a mesmerizing passing duel, setting another record for the most passing yards by two opposing players in a single game - a staggering 1,279 yards combined.

The total yards gained by both Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield that day reached an astounding 1,383 yards, marking another record that stood as a testament to their extraordinary abilities.

As the game unfolded, Patrick led his team with determination and fearlessness, orchestrating a whopping 100 plays - 88 passes and 12 rushes - to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The final tally of 819 yards gained in that single game, comprising 734 passing yards and 85 rushing yards, sent shockwaves through the football world.

In addition to his incredible performance against Oklahoma, Patrick's brilliance extended to his career statistics. Facing Baylor, he held an astounding average of 553.0 yards gained per game, showcasing his consistency and dominance against one of his formidable opponents.

In the 2015 and 2016 seasons, Patrick soared to new heights as the FBS leader in total offense. His remarkable 5,109 and 5,312 yards, respectively, cemented his status as an offensive powerhouse.

But it was on that unforgettable day against Oklahoma when Patrick Mahomes left an indelible mark on football history. With 88 pass attempts - the second-most in a single game - and an incredible 52 completions against the same team, he demonstrated his unrivaled precision and determination to secure victory.

His passion and talent were further reflected in his career statistics, where he ranked third in career passing yards per game with an awe-inspiring 351.6 yards. His total yards per game, both in the 2016 and 2015 seasons, secured him the 3rd and 23rd spots in the record books, with averages of 442.7 and 393.0 yards, respectively.

Patrick's consistency and brilliance in every game were evident in his career total yards per game, ranking 4th with an astonishing average of 377.3 yards.

The 2016 season proved to be a defining one for Patrick as he ranked 8th in season passing yards per game with 421.0 passing yards per game, and 9th in total season passing yards with a jaw-dropping 5,312 passing yards.

Throughout his college career, Patrick's talent was undeniable, as evidenced by his performance in various single games. His impressive 52 completions in one game tied for the 9th spot, while his total offense of 625 yards in another game secured the 11th spot in the record books.

As the curtain fell on his college journey, Patrick Mahomes left an indelible mark on Texas Tech University and the world of football. His incredible achievements, both as an individual player and as a leader on the field, shaped him into the NFL superstar we know and admire today.

The emotional journey from a young dreamer in Tyler, Texas, to an NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Patrick's college days, filled with record-breaking performances and heart-stopping moments, shaped him into the legend he is today. From the cheers of Texas Tech to the grandest stages of the NFL, his passion, resilience, and extraordinary talent continue to captivate the hearts of fans worldwide.