Moving to Slovenia from Pakistan

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3/3/20241 min read

island surrounded by water and mountains at daytime
island surrounded by water and mountains at daytime

Before traveling to Slovenia, Pakistani nationals must apply for a visa or a resident permit at the Slovenian consulate in Pakistan. Depending on the purpose of the visit, Slovenia offers various visa types, including short-term and long-term visas.

Slovenian Visa Categories

Short-term (C Type):

- Allows entrance and brief residence for up to 90 days.

- Can be extended under extraordinary circumstances.

Long-term (D Type):

- Grants admission and residence for 90 days to one year.

- Enables direct application for a residence permit.

Visa Application Process

1. Apply in Person: Submit the application at the Pakistani consular station.

2. Documentation: Provide required documents, including biometric data, passport, photos, insurance, and visa fee.

3. Processing Time: Application processing may take 15 days to six months.

Required Documentation

- Valid passport

- Passport-sized photos

- Request form

- Fingerprints

- Medical travel insurance

- Proof of accommodation and finances

Registering as a Resident

- Temporary residents must register within eight days of arrival.

- Permanent residents must register within eight days of permit issuance.

- Provide valid identification and proof of residence.

Single Work and Residence Permit

- Simplified process for international workers.

- Either the worker or the Slovenian employer can apply.

- Requires a contract before application.

Reconsideration of Visa Decision

- Applicants can appeal a decision within eight days.

- The appeal must be in Slovenian and meet administrative criteria.

- A consular fee of EUR 153 applies for appeals.

For more detailed information, visit the Slovenian consulate's website or contact them directly.