What is DAAD Scholarship?

Curious about the renowned DAAD Scholarship? Learn how the DAAD Scholarship can pave the way for your academic and professional aspirations. Don't miss out – read more now!


2/17/20241 min read

Considering a scholarship in Germany? DAAD offers various opportunities for students and researchers globally. Whether pursuing a Master's, conducting research, or improving language skills, DAAD scholarships cater to diverse needs.


Understand eligibility criteria:

- Age Limit: Any age limit?

- Education: Completed degree or started doctorate longer ago?

- Incomplete Degree: Can you apply if degree isn't finished?

- Residence: Can applicants in Germany or not in home country apply?

- Citizenship: Apply from which country with dual citizenship?

- Subject: Can applicants from any subject apply?

- Language Skills: Required language skills and available courses?

- Previous Scholarships: Can you apply with another scholarship?

- Grades: Importance of academic performance?

Application Preparation

Key points:

- Motivation Letter: What to include?

- Research Proposal: Requirements for research grants?

- Contacts: Need contacts in Germany?

- Language Certificates: Necessary certificates and courses?

Project Planning

Crucial for success:

- Supervisor: Finding a supervisor?

- University Application: Considerations for Master's degree application?

Writing Application

Stand out:

- Process: How to apply?

- Submission: Apply via DAAD portal?

- References: Who can write references?

- Language: Apply in German? Required certificates?

Selection Procedure

Understanding evaluation:

- Decision Makers: Who evaluates applications and criteria?

Scholarship Benefits

Know the perks:

- Financial Support: Amount provided and additional benefits?

- Travel Expenses: Coverage and planning tips?

- Family Benefits: Benefits for family members?

- Health Insurance: Need for insurance and DAAD's contribution?

- Part-time Jobs: Can you work part-time?

- Tuition Fees: Payment if receiving a scholarship?


DAAD scholarships offer opportunities worldwide. Understand the process, meet requirements, and utilize DAAD resources for a successful application.